Grandfather Arranges Simultaneous Weddings for 17 Grandchildren

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Bikaner. Rajasthan. India. In a unique event, a grandfather arranged the simultaneous marriage of his 12 granddaughters and 5 grandsons in the village of Lalma Desar Chhota in Nokha tehsil.

This extraordinary wedding, held on April 1st and 2nd, 2024, has become a sensation across India and Rajasthan, with millions discussing it on social media.

The grandfather, Surjaram Chaudhary of the Godara Jat family, has five sons: Om Prakash, Govind Godara, Manaram, Bhagirath, and Bhairaram. Though the sons live in separate houses, Surjaram Godara remains the family’s head.

Surjaram’s extended family, consisting of 117 members residing in the village, are primarily engaged in farming. With the wedding of 12 granddaughters planned for April 2nd, the villagers and family members worked together to prepare for the large-scale celebration.

Arrangements were made in 6 village houses to host the wedding processions. A 250×250 feets tent was set up in a field, and preparations were made to feed 6,000 people, including guests and villagers.

To accommodate the wedding parties, 800 beds were arranged. The houses hosting the processions were beautifully decorated with lights and flowers.

The wedding pavilions for the 12 granddaughters were performed at grandfather Surjaram’s house. On April 2nd, all seventeen grandchildren were married in a combined blessing ceremony. Thousands of family members and well-wishers attended the ceremony.

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