Code of Ethics for Digital News Websites

The Jaisalmer News  follows the DNPA Code of Ethics and Digital Media Guidelines and Policies of India Government.

The digital news landscape is constantly evolving, demanding high standards of ethical conduct from news organizations and journalists. This Code of Ethics outlines the fundamental principles that The Jaisalmer News (“we,” “us,” or “our”) adheres to in delivering accurate, unbiased, and responsible news coverage.

Core Values:

  • Accuracy: We strive to provide accurate and truthful information, verified through multiple reliable sources. We rectify any errors promptly and transparently.
  • Fairness: We present all sides of an issue fairly and objectively, giving a voice to diverse perspectives while upholding journalistic integrity.
  • Objectivity: We avoid expressing personal opinions or biases in our news reporting. We clearly distinguish between facts and commentary.
  • Transparency: We are transparent about our sources and methods, allowing readers to understand the context and basis of our reporting.
  • Accountability: We are held accountable for our work and are committed to correcting any mistakes in a swift and transparent manner.
  • Respect: We treat all individuals with respect, regardless of their background, beliefs, or opinions. We avoid discriminatory or offensive language.
  • Privacy: We respect the privacy of individuals and only collect and use personal information ethically and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Specific Practices:

  • Verification and Attribution: We verify all information before publication, using reliable and verifiable sources. We attribute all information to its source, ensuring transparency.
  • Headlines and Summaries: Headlines and summaries accurately reflect the content of the article, avoiding sensationalism or misleading information.
  • Images and Videos: We use images and videos ethically and responsibly, ensuring they are accurately depicted and captioned. We obtain permission for using any copyrighted material.
  • Social Media: We use social media platforms responsibly and ethically, adhering to the principles outlined in this Code of Ethics.
  • Conflicts of Interest: We strive to avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts that may arise.


We are committed to upholding these ethical principles in all aspects of our news coverage. We believe this Code of Ethics serves the public interest by ensuring responsible and reliable journalism. This Code is subject to review and revision as needed to reflect evolving best practices and maintain the highest ethical standards.

Reporting Ethical Concerns:

We encourage readers and users to report any concerns regarding potential violations of this Code of Ethics. You can report your concerns by contacting us at [email protected]. All concerns will be reviewed seriously and addressed promptly.

This Code of Ethics serves as a public commitment by The Jaisalmer News to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity and ethical conduct. It reflects our dedication to providing our readers with accurate, unbiased, and responsible news coverage.

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