Jaisalmer SP Dr. Kiran Kang Sidhu

In recent times, there have been many incidents of changing Facebook’s name and profile picture of Facebook in Jaisalmer district.

Taking the above incidents seriously, the Superintendent of Police, District Jaisalmer Dr. Kiran Kang Sidhu has instructed the District Cyber ​​Team to ascertain the above cases.

In the direction of the guidelines, Jaisalmer police have also questioned those whose IDs have been changed by Facebook hackers.

When they were questioned for the first time, the first thing that came out was that many of them have the Facebook ID password for their mobile number or their date of birth.

The person’s name, profile, and password of the said ID has been changed by any other person. In addition, in this regard, investigations are ongoing.

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After getting information about all the above-mentioned cases and other online fraud in the district, the Superintendent of Police, District Jaisalmer Dr. Kiran Kang Sidhu has appealed to all the people of the district to be cautious.

 The Cyber ​​Team of the District Police is constantly watching such cases and is also working on it and soon the cyber team will reach the conclusions.

Simultaneously, the general use of social media, mobile, and ATM is also completely safe to avoid online fraud and ATM fraud.

It is very important for you to be alert and careful. Because being careful, such a loss will not be with you. Always be alert, it’s safe. In this regard, the police appealed to the public.

Precautions to be used in the use of social media

1. When using social media, do not use your mobile number, your birth date, your name, your social site password.

2. Make sure to use special words like @ # $ * _

3. Do not tell your password to anyone.

4. Do not give your mobile to use anyone.

5. Format completely the old mobile phone Before selling.

6. Always protect social sites by password in your mobile.

 Caution to avoid ATM thugs: – Keep the following precautions due to ATM cloning in today’s environment and other types of thugs.

1. Always use ATMs in the loneliness.

2. Do not allow your ATM to use any other person.

3. Do not mention your ATM number, OTP or CV number on any call.

4. Do not tell ATM passwords to any person.

5. Do not keep the ATM password in your mobile.

6. If any call comes from the bank employee, do not call any number because the bank always tells that no employee of any of them never asks about any number and OTP.

 Precautions in online shopping and money transfers: Today, buying online is very prevalent. They should be used but with caution so that you can avoid a rookie.

1. Use the Origin site to buy online and not the link.

2. Do not tell OTP Numbers to anyone to earn money online.

3. Do not pay online for cheap cars.

4. For any kind of booking, if someone asks you to add money to your account, do not tell the OTP number.

The District Police Cyber ​​Team is engaged to take action against those who have to do all the above type of changes in social sites.

Along with this, the general public is appealing that you also be alert, be careful and safe. By remembering these small things, you can avoid any kind of shit.