NSA Ajit Doval, His US Counterpart Jake Sullivan Attend Industry Roundtable On US Initiative On Critical And Emerging Technologies In Delhi 

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National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and his US counterpart Jake Sullivan attended an industry roundtable on US Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies in New Delhi on Tuesday. Both Indian and US National Security Advisors emphasized the importance of India and the US leading in technology.

Yesterday, Mr. Doval and Mr. Sullivan chaired the second meeting of the India-U.S. initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET) in New Delhi. The two National Security Advisors resolved to support enhanced collaboration across the governments, industry, and academia, with a particular focus on semiconductor technology and manufacturing, sustainable agriculture and food security. They also agreed to increase cooperation in the field of clean energy, pandemic preparedness, and other critical and emerging technologies. Besides, civilian and defense space technology cooperation will be further cemented by securing a carrier for the first-ever joint effort between NASA and ISRO astronauts at the International Space Station. It was also agreed to expand engagement with Indian and US investors in the semiconductor industry in India, to continue building India’s robust semiconductor and information communication technology ecosystem.

Disclaimer: This press release is sourced from News On AIR, Prasar Bharti and Press Information Bureau India (PIB).

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